Do you want to get the right cloud memory for your business? Leviathan put out a few ideas

Supplier Advisory Risk Management Leviathan Security Group has released a white book discussing the issues in choosing the local storage and cloud, as well as vulnerabilities and underlying risks.

The article on the value of cloud security and vulnerabilities in storage, assumes three scenarios, based on small, medium and large businesses, simultaneously outlining solutions based on their business needs:

For a small advisory scenario, the nature of their work means that they cannot be able to reconnect the office during the working day, although many will synchronize the files from the home by the internal VPN service as they come back. The storage capacity they require for 50 employees is 15TB. Leviathan noted Dell PowerVault NX400 would ideally as a host, with Windows 2012 R2 as an operating system, the backup demand is met by a system of the 5d Drobo and Symantec Endpoint Protection used to protect against malware. The total cost of three years for the local memory is 48,000, while the cloud is 60,000.

A medium-sized company in the region, requires about 150TB storage capacity accessible from internal LAN as well as for VPN users, ideal for a coordinator Redundant NAS as a host, powered by Intel Dual-Core i3-3240 and 90 Seagate disks 4TB and Dell PowerEdge servers R520 make backups with Windows 2012 R2 as backup tapes and 83 LTO-6. Malware protection will be handled by another Dell PowerEdge server, along with Symantec Endpoint Protection. The total cost for three years is 276,000 dollars for the local, 377,000 dollars for the cloud.

For a large company, 750TB storage capacity would be needed, with requests for support of 24/7 and a four-hour replacement warranty. For this, Leviathan proposed a SAN availability of Petarack High-made network hosting, with two sandy Xeon E5 Sandy-Bridge processors. The backup solution will be the data library of Tandberg data T160 +, including a Dell PowerEdge R720xd server, Windows 2012 R2 and 2013 LTO-6. A unique Symantec console manager, Symantec Endpoint Protection, is installed and running on Dell PowerEdge R725xd, would be more than enough to process malicious software. The total cost for 3 years is 1.75 million for the local cloud, 1.86 million dollars.
The remarkable thing here is that researchers do not endorse any suppliers, only that these suppliers can provide the best fit for the price.  "As usual in the event of the actual purchase, the supplier can provide the exact and timely price for a solution that meets our chosen needs," they explain.

The report also reviews various types of vulnerabilities in these types of solutions. Although Cloudtech has examined intensive data holes and vulnerabilities in the past cloud, this report provides a few more interesting information. Vulnerabilities highlights include the failure of the process, the person internally toxic, and the hardware and software failed among others. Specific threats of the cloud include the lack of monitoring and inspection and Internet connection problems, while the threats of local storage include loss of local knowledge, disaster, that this publication has examined early this week, scarce equipment and geographic restrictions.

Do you want to get the right cloud memory for your business? Leviathan put out a few ideas

The overall goal from the report is to show how to choose the cloud storage solution in an intentional way.  "A simple pricing calculation – even a calculation with important details and depth of technique – cannot be the deciding factor for the organization There is a substantial storage need, "report note.

 "an organization should consider the anticipated expansion rate, technical requirements, the capital appetite, the ability to establish long-term supply chains and the ability to recruit technical staff and complete security according to criteria equal to or larger selling price. "

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